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Angeline Holmes:
“Hi, my name is Angeline Holmes. I moved to Los Angeles about 7 years ago from the Mid-west and my whole life every time I went to a dentist visit I always had a cavity or some type of problem. They would fill the cavity and I would go home and still had a, you know, slight pain. My whole life I thought it was normal! After I moved to L.A. I needed a new dentist and I was referred to Dr. Esagoff. I came in not knowing what to expect, thinking I would probably get diagnosed with another cavity, get it filled and go on with my life. He took one look at my teeth and he told me what I needed to do and I did it. Now I come every six months for a teeth cleaning and the past seven years I haven’t had a cavity! So, with that being said, I do believe that he’s the best dentist in the world. He just really educated me in what I needed to do and what needed to be done he would take care of it properly. I didn’t have any pains since I’ve been seeing Dr. Esagoff for the past 7 years. I get complimented on my smile all the time. I want to smile more because it doesn’t hurt and it feels really nice. He does a great job cleaning and like I said helping me maintain my proper healthcare. Not only is he a great dentist, he’s a great person, very kind, very supportive of me and my career and my personal life. He’s just been excellent. And I always look forward to his holiday cards in December.”

Mikhail Kogan:
“Hi my name is Mikhail Kogan. Dr. Esagoff is our family dentist for 14 years and we are very happy with this. His office is very good, everybody’s friendly, they have good hands, you feel no pain and it’s a pleasure to come over and have any problem fixed.”

Ringo Ho Siu
"Dr. Esagoff is by far one of the best dentists I've ever seen. His staff is incredibly friendly, and so is he. He is very kind and very sincere... He really cares about what he does . In fact he impresses me so much that I drive an hour and a half to come to his office. It's always completely clean… And he is always very conscientious."
Leisa Washington:
“I’ve been one of Dr. Esagoff’s oldest patients. I look forward to coming to him, believe it or not, because I know he will take good care of me. I’ve had a lot of dental work done and he’s done great. If he has something he cannot handle he’s always referred me to someone who’s just as good… I drive quite a bit of ways to get to him. People say: God, you must really like him! And I do. I enjoy him. I enjoy his staff. They’re always nice always make me feel important. He’s very good at what he does. I have no problems about coming. I have no problems about having him work on my mouth. When I’m finished I know the work was done well.”